Safe Poker Sites – Safest Online Poker Rooms

When it comes to handing money online, many people are reluctant to trust their money with any poker site.  That is a natural reaction.  You work hard for your money, and you have heard about people getting scammed on the internet since it started over 15 years ago.

US players please see our list of US online poker sites for information on the safest poker sites for American’s to play poker online.

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I would question your sanity if you were not at least a little skeptical of putting your money online to play poker with.  I mean, aren’t online gambling sites shady and steal your money?

The fact is – yes, some poker sites have done that in the past.  Most notably the cheating scandals from last year and earlier this year that happened at Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet. (These two poker sites have been blacklisted by Holdem Review.)

That is why it is so important to do research and find the safest online poker sites before depositing your money online.

I have played online poker for over five years and have seen countless Texas Hold’em online poker sites come and go.  But there have been a few poker rooms that have stood the test of time and have earned reputations as the safest poker rooms online.