Razz Poker



This is a guide to Razz poker. It includes the rules to Razz (also called seven card stud low), Razz poker strategy tips and where to play Razz poker online.  If you want to try playing Razz, then read through my entire guide and have fun at the tables.

Razz Poker Rules

Razz poker is really just a low-ball variation of seven card stud.  Like most standard poker variations, Razz is played with seven total cards and each player uses the best five card hand from those seven.  Whomever holds the best five card poker hand at the end of the hand wins.  In Razz however, The best five-card hand is actually the lowest hand possible.  That means that A2345 is the best hand possible.

For more detailed rules, read my Razz poker rules article.

Where To Play Razz Online


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Razz Poker Strategy

The two most important strategy tips in Razz poker are to play strong starting hands and to keep track of your opponents’ up-cards.  A23 is the best starting hand in Razz, but any three starting cards between Ace and Five (but no pairs!) is a very strong starting hand.

Keeping track of other players up-cards is extremely important to a good Razz strategy.  If you know which cards have already been played, you can accurately gauge your opponents’ hand strength while also having a better idea of which cards you may be dealt next.

For more in-depth strategy, read my Razz poker strategy guide.

Razz Poker Hands

In Razz, the lowest hand wins the pot. The best hand in Razz poker is A2345.  Ace plays low in Razz, so having an ace in your hand is the best card you can be dealt.  75432 beats 76432.  Start with comparing the highest card in each hand and then the second highest in each hand, and so on until there is a card that is lower than the opponent’s card.  The hand with the low card wins the pot.

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