Texas Holdem Strategy

texas holdem strategyI am constantly adding new Texas Holdem strategy articles to Holdem Review.  Below are some articles that will help take you from a raw beginner to a seasoned pro.  Work your way through these poker strategy articles and use them as weapons in your arsenal against your poker enemies.

Make sure you fully read and understand concepts before trying to work on other aspects of your poker game.  If you need to re-read an article before you feel comfortable with that particular Holdem strategy concept, please do so.  As a beginner, your head will likely be hurting as you try to integrate new strategy concepts into your brain. It’s best to practice playing at one of our top Texas Hold’em poker sites.  You know the old saying –No pain, no gain.

I constantly remind myself of the most important thing about poker:

Knowledge truly is power.

Read and grow strong.

Beginning Texas Holdem Strategy

Texas Holdem Poker Rules – The basic rules for how to play Texas Holdem. You have to know the rules before you can play!

Texas Holdem Basic Strategy – Basic Texas Holdem strategy in an easy to comprehend introduction to playing Texas Hold’em.

Texas Holdem Online Strategy – The online game of Texas Holdem is significantly different from playing live with friends. Learn the differences and tips for beating online poker.

Short Handed No-Limit Holdem – Most online no-limit holdem games these days are six-handed “short handed” games.  Learn to beat short handed holdem before it beats you.

No Limit Holdem Starting Hands – A basic guide to a good starting hand range to play when you are just starting to learn how to play Holdem.

Limit Holdem vs. No Limit Holdem – Many players start out playing limit holdem. This explains the difference between the two forms of Texas Holdem.

Playing Pocket Pairs in Texas Hold’em – One of the most fascinating and scary things to do is play pocket pairs.  There is different strategy depending on how pig your pair is though.

Intermediate Texas Holdem Strategy

Poker Betting Patterns And Hand Reading – Understanding betting patterns is the first step in learning how to read hands. When you know what your opponent holds, it is much easier to win.

Using Continuation Bets In Poker – A continuation bet is the most simple and effective post-flop strategy to start winning big at the tables.

Being An Aggressive Player – Aggression is the most important asset a winning poker player has. You must attack your opponents and win big pots.

Playing Draws In No-Limit Holdem – Learn when to draw to straights and flushes. Know when to fold them and when to raise them.

8 Most Common Mistakes In Holdem – As a poker player, you can expect to make your fair share of mistakes at the tables. Learn how to avoid the most basic mistakes.

Advanced Texas Holdem Strategy

Playing Implied Odds In Holdem – Implied odds are the most important thing to consider every hand while playing no-limit holdem. Learn how to calculate and use implied odds.

How To Master Poker – Learn how great players approach the game mentally to become the best. Practical steps to take your game to the next level.

Inducing Bluffs In No-Limit Holdem – A great way to get value from a player with a weak hand is to get them to bet it for you. Learn how.

Sit and Go Strategy

Sit and Go Basics Series

  1. An Introduction to Sit and Go Tournaments
  2. Sit and Go Strategy Basics
  3. Early Game Sit and Go Strategy
  4. Middle Game Sit and Go Strategy
  5. Bubble Play Sit and Go Strategy
  6. End Game Sit and Go Strategy

Advanced Sit and Go Strategy

Expert Sit and Go Bubble Play – Learn some advanced techniques for dominating the bubble.  Includes short stack and big stack bubble strategy.

Understanding Independent Chip Model – An introduction to ICM and how it is used by expert sit and go layers to make mathematically perfect decisions.

Using the Independent Chip Model – A practical article about using ICM and how to apply it to decisions when playing sit and gos.

If you are looking more Texas Holdem strategy, make sure to visit Ed Millers blog. Ed is one of the greatest poker minds today. He has published many of the best practical Texas Holdem books that have come out in recent years. His blog is undoubtedly the best poker strategy resource that you can find anywhere. Also check out Tommy Angelo’s blog. He offers a unique perspective to poker and life that anyone can use to vastly improve their poker psychology.