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A little about my site…

Holdem Review

The main sections of Holdem Review are a constant work in progress.  The one constant about poker is that it is always changing.  If you don’t keep up with the changes in poker, the ones who do will pass you by and you will become a dinosaur.  I stay up to date on the latest online poker developments so you don’t have to.  See how nice I am? I update most of the main sections of this site at least monthly.

Here are the main sections of my site and a brief description of each:

Online Poker Room Reviews – I have played at a whole bunch of online poker sites, and my goal is to personally review every single online poker room on the friggin’ planet! Actually… I’m not sure if that will happen, but I am doing my best to get reviews up of all the major poker rooms.

Las Vegas Poker Room Reviews – I have spent WAY too much time in Las Vegas playing poker, including a couple quick exits at World Series of Poker events.  I am mainly a cash game player though, and have played at all of the major poker rooms on and off the strip in Las Vegas.  If you are planning on going to Vegas, read a few of my reviews before heading to the tables.

Texas Holdem Strategy – I also play poker pretty well (sometimes) and make my living at it.  Somtimes I like to write my thoughts about the game.  These articles are posted in the Texas Holdem Strategy section of the site.  I try to add poker strategy articles as often as possible.

Mac Poker Guide – I play poker on my Mac and so should you!  I have a guide to playing poker on a Mac computer and update it as often as I can with the best Mac poker rooms and Mac poker related news and tips.