End Game Sit and Go Strategy




Reaching the money in a sit n go tournament is very exciting as it means that you have made it to the money. No matter what type of sit n go you’ve entered, single or multi-table, you can at this point relax that your input of money will be returned. Just by reading your own reactions to having made it this far you can make great strategy for your approach to the final moments to a game that might have been the focus of your attention for the past hour.

Money Guaranteed

Being too relaxed at the end game play could be a mistake yet it is so very common that players loosen up around the final table. After having played it tight throughout the game it seems that just knowing that there will be a money return is enough for the participants to take risks they might not have taken earlier on. You should, of course, enjoy the fact that you’ve made it this far but good strategy means keeping your head cool till the very end. This attitude will give you a better chance of winning so try and keep your thoughts off the money guaranteed.

Learning from the Masters

Watching the big finals in the World Series of Poker and similar events is what makes many people want to play in sit n go tournaments and try to emulate the same play in a fast version. While you can never apply the same game you’ve seen on TV as a whole on your sit n go tournament you can certainly learn a lot by watching the professionals play. If this is your strategy for becoming a better player in the final round you better make sure that you understand the entire game well so that you can understand the final game play that you are watching.

Using Software

For the serious poker player it could be well worth to try out poker strategy software. There are different kinds of strategy tools available online. You could either use a simulator and play games and learn to apply strategy hands on or you could use a program that will give you suggestions while you are playing for real. To some these tools are excellent while others find them disturbing.


It is true that a cool head will help you achieve better results but if you’re sitting on a large stack of chips then use them! In the end game play you don’t want to give the flop to the other players cheap so keep on raising. To make it to and through the final you’ll need a lot of patience. Understand that it might take you many games before you even reach the bubble and even so you might be stuck there for a while before you start making it to the final tables. Important general poker strategy is to keep on trying even after the bad games.

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