Mirage Poker Room Review

Even after all these years, the Mirage Hotel and Casino is in immaculate condition. Still one of the coolest places in town, the Mirage has so much to offer. Local poker players who frequent the Mirage poker room on a consistent basis will tell you that they love the restaurant choices, the atmosphere, and the comfortable nature of the poker room.

Mirage Poker Room

Donna Harris, the Director of Poker Operations at the Mirage definitely sets the tone for the room. After a nice talk with her, it’s not hard to understand why players at the Mirage poker room love playing here. I’ve spoken with several poker room managers, and although most of them have been great help in explaining the finer points of their poker rooms, Donna really stands out in the crowd. In her voice and in her attitude, it was instantly apparent that this woman really cares about what she does. Here are the details of our discussion.

Special Features

The Mirage poker room has a training table for new players. Whether you want to learn how to play the game, or how to play on a live table, that’s what this table is for. If you haven’t played at a live table before, this is a great way to get beyond any intimidation you may feel. There’s a sign on the training table which lights up to let people know the training table is open.

The Mirage offers a game based off of Crazy Pineapple, called Texas Hold’em Plus. In this game, players are dealt two hole cards, just like regular Texas Hold’em. However, for the cost of the small blind, players are allowed to throw away and draw one new card during pre-flop action. As Donna explained it, it creates more pre-flop action, bigger pots, and a lot of fun.

Can you imagine what a table full of drunk, vacationing, ready to lose players would be like when they can take a draw with every ace, king, or queen they’re dealt?! Forget Phil Hellmuth; I hope you can dodge bullets! I don’t care what the purists say, I can’t wait to try this game.

Food & Beverages

Cocktail waitresses are easy to find and very polite. Rarely will there be a problem getting drinks in a timely manner. Food is a tough subject, mainly because there are so many great places to eat at in the Mirage. With 15 restaurants and 8 bars & lounges, there’s something for everyone here. Because of it’s great placement inside the casino, the poker room is centralized around most of them. Take your pick based on your cravings, but if you like Japanese food or sushi, Japonais is a great choice. Not only is the atmosphere of the restaurant wonderful, but the food is unbelievable. Also, try the Japonais Bar area for kicking back after a long session. The setting is as relaxing and beautiful as the inside of a casino gets.

Cash Game

The Mirage has a decent variety of game choices, much better than most rooms. At most times during the day, players can find a $1/4, $3/6 and $10/20 Stud game, FL Hold’em games up to $20/40, and Omaha games up to $5/10. FL Hold’em games start at $3/6 and NL starts at $1/2. Higher stakes games are also popular at the Mirage.


The rake at the Mirage is great, with a $4 max in any game. The only drawback is that the no flop, no drop policy only applies when one player raises pre-flop, then everyone else folds pre-flop. So, if you come in for a raise, then I come over the top of you, then you fold, there is a rake taken if the total pot reaches any of the strike points. The strike points are good as well, as they’re a bit higher than most other poker rooms in Vegas. They are $1 taken at $12 in the pot, $1 at $24, $1 at $48, and $1 at $80.+ There are no high hand or bad beat jackpots. The benefit is that there is no extra rake taken to pay for them.

Mirage Poker Tournaments

  • Sunday: 5 pm – No Limit Hold’em, $100+$25 with 4,000 starting chips
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 7 pm – No Limit Hold’em, $100+$25 with 4,000 starting chips
  • Thursday: 7 pm – No Limit Hold’em, $200+$30 with 5,500 starting chips

All tournaments have a 30 minute blind schedule.

  • 2-50 Players Pays 5 Places
  • 50-124 Players Pays 9 Places
  • 125+ Players Pays 18 Places

Satellites for the above tournaments are available Sunday through Thursday for $35-$55. The top two finishers win entry to the events.

Mirage Sit and Go Tournaments

All Sit and Go tournaments at the Mirage start when ten players are signed up. All are offered 24 hours a day (Except from 5 – 8 pm Mon-Thurs & 3 – 6 pm on Sunday). Each pays the top two places.

1st Place – 70%, 2nd Place – 30%

  • $70 Buy-in (1st-$420, 2nd -$180) $1,000 Starting chips, 15 minute rounds
  • $115 Buy-in (1st-$700, 2nd-$300) $1,500 Starting chips, 15 minute rounds
  • $175 Buy-in (1st-$1,050, 2nd-$450) $2,000 Starting chips, 20 minute rounds


The Mirage poker room has enough plasma tv’s around to be able to see a few at a time. The walls aren’t draped in tv’s, but there are plenty to keep you distracted.


The Mirage poker room is as good as they come. The room itself is decorated nicely, there’s plenty of space between tables, and the staff is great. Even in the high stakes games, there is a strangely calming effect inside the poker room during day time sessions. In the evenings, the room lights up and becomes one of the most enjoyable places to play. There aren’t many degenerates that play here, which makes it a great poker room for professional people who want to forget about work and blow off steam in a clean, positive atmosphere. This is a great poker room!