Live Poker Tips – Handling Constant Complainers At The Table

Guest post by Garret J.

As I stated earlier, live poker is a grind and being prepared for all situations is what will separate you from the pack – but what about these old timers with a huge chip on their shoulder about the new generation of poker players?

I live in Henderson, Nevada and a local casino by my house has a 2-4 old timers game everyday 11:00 to 3:00 Monday - Friday. No raises, no fun. It’s a bunch of nits playing just to hit high hand bonuses. Don’t try to sit down and mix it up in this game because they will rack up and leave. They are single handedly killing what used to be a fun little room. Game selection went from 2-4, 3-6, 4-8 and 1-2 no limit to nothing but the retired community playing 2-4 and waiting to take their dirt nap. It’s bull shit and there is no room for it in a casino.

Just last week a floor person told me they broke a game because an out of towner live straddled. Heaven forbid we do a little gambling in the poker room. The old man even had the audacity to call over the floor and object to the play all together.

My new tactic for any old grouchy nit that is unlucky enough to cross my path: get them so mad they can’t stop talking to themselves for weeks. I say this not to be malicious but we know the type of player  I am referring to the one guy who is always mad with never a nice thing to say and opens his mouth or rolls his eyes at every reckless play he sees. Old or young, this is enemy #1 for me so when you play, stay positive and upbeat because if we all played the same, we would have to find another hobby.

In getting a player disrupted it does not take much and as we know a little anger generally does not elevate ones play. A constant needle for these players referred to earlier will almost always do the trick. Don’t be and ass though. Sarcasm and humor are best because half the table is laughing and somebody’s getting mad and making more and more bad decisions.

One last thing you can get away with if you’re really cocky, and the person is close enough (you don’t want to tell the whole table). Remind them your the best player at the table. This usually best done while stacking their chips.

Hope all the big pots come your way unless you’re playing with me.