The Best Online Poker Rooms For Razz Poker

Razz poker is a fun variation of traditional seven-card stud poker.  It is played the exact same way as regular stud, but you are trying to make the worst hand possible by drawing to the best low hand. A2345 is the best hand you can have in Razz Poker.

The Best Online Razz Poker Rooms

Finding a good poker site to play Razz poker online at can be difficult.  Not many online poker rooms offer Razz at all, and many of the poker sites that do don't have enough players to run many (or any) tables.  There are a few very good poker rooms to play Razz at though.

There are not many razz players in the world, let alone online.  Razz did have a big growth spurt after ESPN started showing the World Series of Poker Razz event on TV.  Many players flocked to online tables only to find that most tables were sitting there empty. PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker really are only two online poker rooms that are worth mentioning if you are looking to play razz online.

Razz At PokerStars

Pokerstars has the most poker players of any online poker site.  Their huge amount of players is the driving reason why there are more active Razz poker tables at Poker Stars than  at any other poker room.  They offer both free and real money Razz poker games, and at any time there are several tables of each running.

There are generally 20 to 30 Razz tables playing at any time of day (or night).  To find the Razz poker tables at Poker Stars just click on the "Stud" tab in the main menu.  You will be able to find a game anywhere from free to 2¢ / 4¢ to $30 / $60 playing with big name professional poker players from around the world.

To download PokerStars and start playing Razz Poker, follow this link to get a free $50 bonus.