Real Poker Training Review

real poker training reviewI have signed up and joined quite a few poker training sites in the past years to see which one fits me well. I was pointed in the direction of Real Poker Training (RPT) by a dear friend and avid poker player.

Upon joining I did notice the high amount of cash game content. This amazed me considering the major instructors Todd Arnold and Chris “Fox” Wallace are well-known tournament and SNG regulars.

Real Poker Training Instructors

RPT features an all-star lineup of guest regulars including online superstars “BodogAri” , WSOP runner up David Williams, internet legend Chad “lilholdem” Batista, and SNG Icon and co-owner Eric “Sheets” Haber. With guest instructors like these you are most certain to walk away with at minimum a few new moves for your arsenal.

RPT is lead by online poker tournament specialist Todd “NSXT” Arnold. Todd specializes in poker videos covering MTT’s. He has 73 videos up at the time of this article. He is a well guided instructor which in return makes it easy for you to follow his lessons. He can help every aspiring tournament player from the $1 MTT’s to the $2500 WCOOP tournament where the sharks feed. By far, Todd Arnold is the best instructor on RealPokerTraining.

Top online poker cash game specialist Ryan Fischler is a regular contributor in the video instruction department. Ryan has put up more than 30 videos on RPT since he signed with them. If you are a beginner-Intermediate cash game player, Ryan’s videos are a must watch. With Ryan’s instructions you will be able to follow very closely as he is detailed in his reasons about why he is doing a certain action. I would definitely check of Ryan’s videos as they are very educational.

Chris “Fox” Wallace is a pioneer in the SNG scene. He has written several articles on ICM, and bankroll management which are still by far the most popular articles of their nature to this day. Fox has a handful of cash game videos featuring special lessons like “Blind vs. Blind”, “When to defend your BB” and “Under the Gun is the new steal position” along with many other topics. Fox’s videos are much more in depth in my opinion than any other instructor on the current roster of RealPokerTraining. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned player, Fox’s intensive videos have something to offer!

Real Poker Training Forum

In addition to videos, RealPokerTraining has an extensive forum for members. In the forum, it boasts a “Chat with the Pros” section where you can directly ask each individual instructor personal questions pertaining to poker. You can ask them if you played that AA correctly, or if you should of layed it down after that 3bet on the turn! They offer a feedback forum, which they do take very seriously. If you have a RPT account I definitely recommend stopping by the forum if only to read the content. They have a very quick turn around time for support questions, so if you have any site related problems I would suggest posting in the forum for a near immediate response.

Quality of Videos

One of my biggest disappointments with RealPokerTraining comes in the form of the video quality. While other sites have near perfect display and sound, RPT is seriously lacking in this department. There are a few videos (Chad “lilholdem” Batista) in particular where there is so many people/voices in the background it can be a bit tedious at times. I have noticed in the most recent videos a vast improvement but I really think there needs to be a bit more work to get the sound quality up to even remotely acceptable. As for the Image quality, any instructor who decides to do more than one table at once is crazy. With the current setup for the way the videos are viewed, two videos shrink it to an almost unheard of size. Even with 20/20 vision it is next to impossible to follow all of the action. When there is just one table being shown it is often blurry, or readable. With the amount of advertising spent and the number of currently registered customers I believe the content quality defiantly needs to be a number one priority in there site improvement department.

RealPokerTraining Sign Up Bonuses

Signing up to RealPokerTraining can also lock in some cool gifts for you also. In addition to all the tools of success you will get with the coaching videos from RPT, they have locked in a deal with Card Player Magazine. Every person who signs up for the 6 month subscription will now receive a 1 year subscription to the popular Card Player magazine. Want more? They even offer a cool referral program where for every customer you get to sign up to RPT your own personal subscription can be extended for as much as 6 months!

Final Thoughts

RealPokerTraining as a whole is a great site. With the no sign-up fee and the lowest monthly rate on the internet, RPT is a bargain for the buck. Add in the cool bonuses they give you and it sweetens the pot.

With all the training sites on the market, finding the best Poker education site can be a job within itself. With RPT you know where you stand. With the low fee that you pay, you cannot compare it to Card Runners or PokerXFactor. Now that doesn’t mean that RPT is inferior to all sites, it just means it rates in my opinion as an average training site. Do not sign up if you expect to see a new video added every day of the week. They rely more on quality rather than quantity.

In conclusion I believe that for the beginner online poker player RealPokerTraining is a great investment. If you have been playing for a sound amount of time however I believe it would be more beneficial to go with one of the other industry leading training sites.

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