Texas Holdem Poker – Online Strategy

Texas holdem poker is the most popular game online today and with the right strategy, you can make a tons of money. Millions of people have played Texas holdem poker with friends around a kitchen table for fun or maybe for a little bit of money. But if you want to play Texas holdem poker online, you need the right strategy.

When you begin playing Texas holdem online, you can play free games for practice at sites like 888Poker. This way you can learn the basics of online Texas holdem without losing a dime, because believe me, you will lose probably lose for a little while until you get the hang of online texas holdem strategy. But do not give up or lose hope! It is very easy to begin winning money once you get the hang of just a few simple strategies for Texas holdem online.

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Texas Holdem Poker Online Strategy

Stick to the following Texas holdem tips and the cash will come rolling in in no time!

Learn to fold. A lot.

The single biggest mistake that most new Texas holdem poker players online make is that they play way too many hands. You should be folding all hands that only have one face card. You should be folding all hands that are not suited unless both cards are ten or higher. This includes hands that have an ace in it. You should not play Ace-nine or worse unless both cards have the same suit.

Be aggressive.

Enough with what you should not do. What you should do is raise. A lot. The key to winning Texas holdem online when you aren’t playing many hands is that when you do play a hand, you play it aggressively and win a lot of money with it. You should raise big aces, big pocket pairs and hands like KQ or QJ. Since you are playing only good hands, you want your opponents to pay more with their hands that are worse than yours. This is the most important thing to keep in mind when learning Texas holdem poker online strategy! Go back and read that sentence again. Think about it when you are playing.

Do not go to far with a bad hand.

If you see a flop and you do not have a pair or better, then you should be folding most of the time unless you have an open-ended straight draw or a flush draw. If you have a draw to pair your ace, that is not worth paying to see the turn card. Sure, you might win if you hit your pair on the turn or river, but people lose a lot of money when they hit their pair and still lose to a better hand like two pair or three of a kind.

Do not use the “auto-action” buttons.

When playing Texas holdem poker online, you can click what you want to do before it is even your turn. This allows you to speed up the action at the table by not taking any time to act when it is your turn. Do not use these buttons. The most important thing you can do is to observe and think every time it is your turn to act at a poker table. What have players done in front of me? How many people are left to act after me? Should I raise? Should I fold? Should I call? There are tons of decisions to make and if you do not take the time to think about these decisions, you will never become a better player because you do not take the time to think critically and learn from your observations.

Stay at low limits.

It is very tempting to jump up to higher limits when you go on a losing streak. I mean, that is the point right? Win money and then play for bigger stakes? Yes, it is the point, but if you want to become a winning player, you have to give yourself the bankroll to lose some bad beats and still have enough money to keep lplaying another day. If you play fantastic poker for four hours and then move up to a higher stakes online Texas holdem game and buy in with all the money you have, what happens when you lose one big hand? You have to quit. Now how are you going to play more poker and get better and win tons of money? Stay at low limits so that you can play lots of hands. You have all the time in the world later when you get better and give yourself some slack to lose a few hands here and there. You cannot win them all, you can only try!

Now that you have a better idea about Texas holdem poker online strategy, you should pick an online poker room to sign up for.  Check out my online poker reviews.  And remember; practice makes perfect