Bubble Play Sit and Go Strategy




What characterizes the bubble-part of the sit n go game is that it usually has around 4 players left around the table and the general feeling is one of trying not to lose. A smart player will keep his head cold at this point and use good strategy in order to enter the final as a winner. How you played the parts of the game leading up to the bubble will influence how well you will do in the end but you will also take into consideration who you are playing against when making up your game play.

Time for Looser Play

Once you get down to 4 to 5 players you can start to loosen up your previously tight play. You should have taken notes on your opponents during the game and with this information you should stand a better chance to beat them at the bubble. When people start getting nervous of losing you have your chance to sharpen up your game. This is the time to be more aggressive and ride on the other players’ fear of losing. Don’t be afraid of raising as this will put good pressure on your opponents.

Stack Play

At the bubble the big stacks will try to eliminate the small ones. The small and medium sized stacks are usually trying hard just to survive and this means that they will be willing to give up the blinds. Good strategy at this point is to be well aware of position and learning to read the size of the stacks correctly. If a small stack is coming up behind you, you better make sure that you can play for all of their chips if you want to limp a hand.

Using Strategy Wisely

If your opponents are all beginner players you better not get too much into strategy. Strategy for bubble play many times assumes that your opponents are also applying strategy to their games. A good strategy could completely back fire if your opponents don’t have enough knowledge of smart bubble play. When you observe your opponents during the game also take note of how well they are observing the table. If they seem to be mostly concerned with their own cards you need to take this into consideration for your upcoming moves.

Almost at the Final

With 4 players left around the table you have reached what some call the most crucial part of the sit n go tournament. The player that is eliminated at this point will suffer a greater loss than players that go at earlier stages since the last three players are sure to win money. If you are sitting with the shortest stack at this point you need to move fast. The rest of the players are waiting for you to bust so you should even consider moving with any two big cards.

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